Visitors to my Garden

A lot of the other gardeners in my area that I talk with always mention the different animals that visit their garden.  Some are welcome visitors like birds and butterflies.  There are also the unwanted visitors like the deer, voles and rabbits.  Those type of visitors I can do without in my garden and luckily where I live I don’t get them. 

I would like to have a more variety of birds and butterflies come and visit my garden.  This year is the first time that I have had Northern Flickers visit the garden.  I have been trying to get a photograph of them, but every timeI get within camera range they take to the sky.  I guess I am going to have to camp out in the garden.  I am determined though to increase the amount and variety of visitors by creating a better habitat for them. 

I would like to share the few visitors I have been able to take capture on film.  I will update this posting with photos of new visitors, if my Jack Russell Terrier doesn’t scare them off, as they appear.





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  1. I am soooo glad I’m not the only who takes pictures of squirrels in my garden! (I have a great one of one eating one of my tomatoes….sigh.) Beautiful pictures, Rich!

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