Visitor to my Garden: Friend or Foe?

100_6278The other day while making my daily rounds throughout my garden, I noticed a bug on one of my Phlox that I did not recognize.  Immediately I thought what damage is it causing?  I did not observe any damage to the leaves, but I thought I better find out the name of this strange bug.

My favorite book on identifying insects is “Guide to Colorado Insects” by Whitney Cranshaw and Boris Kondratieff.  Sure enough on page 35 I found my strange visitor to my garden.  The visitor was a Goldenrod Soldier Beetle.  The soldier beetle are close relatives of the fireflies, but they do not produce that magical flashing like their relatives.  Growing up in PA. I remember catching fireflies in jars just to see their flash up close. Continue reading


Open House Colorado Springs Utilities Xeriscape Garden

Looking to expand your gardening knowledge or keep those pesky deer from eating everything that you plant?  Come to the Colorado Springs Utilities Xeriscape Garden Open House starting May 19th and running through September.  The Open Houses will be conducted on the third Tuesday of every month through September.

All the classes are free and open to the public.  What to learn about Xeriscape Basics and not Zeroscape Basics?  The first class will teach how to work with our arid region here in harmony and still have a beautiful landscape.  Tired of the deer eating your plants?  Join us for “They Haven’t Eaten it Yet: Deer Resistant Plants”.

Check out the following  flyer for more information and we’ll see you there.

Open House