Excellent Gardening Book


For you gardeners who are looking for a new gardening book, you never can have enough, you need to check out “Durable Plants for the Garden” edited by James E. Henrich.  The first night I purchased the book I found myself in bed totally enthralled with the photographs, the detailed information on each plant and the recommended landscape usage.

The book features the first seventy-four plants pormoted by Plant Select.  If you are not familiar with Plant Select, it is a program designed to find and distribute only the best plants.  Though the Plant Select program is mainly set up for the Rocky Mountain and Plain states, a large number of these plants can be grown elsewhere in the U.S.

The book consists of 209 pages full of multiple color photographs of each plant in various seasons.  The book also includes:

  1. Characteristics and detailed descriptions
  2. Background on why each plant was chosen
  3. Recommended landscape use
  4. Native range of species
  5. Exposure, soil, and elevation range recommendations
  6. Advantages and disadvantages

The book not only addresses perennials, but also annuals, perennial ground covers, trees, shrubs, and woody vines.  I am convinced once you purchase the book and start reading you won’t be able to put it down.  This is a absolute must book for any gardener in the Rocky Mountain Region, but one other gardeners across the country would enjoy too.  The book can be purchased on Amazon, but for those that live in Colorado Springs it can be purchased at the CSU Ext. office.  Call 719-636-8921 to check for availability, because the book has been selling like hot cakes.