Forcing Garden Bulbs Indoors

Soon it will be Christmas and then New Years, but right after the holidays is when I start thinking about the Spring garden.  I know it is too early to do anything in the garden, but if you are like me you want to do something resembling gardening.  One of the things I have done for years is forcing bulbs indoors.  There are many ways to force bulbs and a number of bulbs that can be forced.  Today I started forcing four Hyacinths that I kept when I was planting bulbs in the garden back in October.  It will be a while before the outdoor bulbs will bloom but you can have some of that beauty indoors

So what I did I took my four Hyacinth bulbs and put each one in a glass vase designed for hyacinths or crocus.  The vases are filled with water just so the bottom of the bulb touches the water.  Once each vase is filled and a bulb is placed in the vase place them in a cool darkened room (preferably 50 degrees F) for 4 to 8 weeks until the roots develop and the top elongates.  Once this happens put the vases in a bright window and watch as magic appears before your eyes as the stem grows and the flowers form.  Before long you will have beautiful, fragrant flowers inside to tied you over till your outdoor gardens starts to bloom.

Once the flowers are done discard them, clean your vases and have them ready for next winter.