Ever wanted to start a Rock Garden

Have you ever had the idea you wanted to start a rock garden?  Myself when I thought about rock gardens I thought about cactus and living in Arizona.  Never in my mind did I think that a rock garden could be beautiful, low maintenance, easy and not just a bunch of cactus.  This past October I visited Sunscapes, a nursery in Pueblo, Co. that is primarily dedicated to the growing of plants for rock gardens.  Boy was I shocked when I saw such a wide variety and sizes of plants you could put into a rock garden. 

Of course there were cactus but so much more.  After a quick tour we were given the opportunity to purchase some of the plants.  Of course me being a plant lover I bought around twelve plants.  I had no idea at the moment where in my garden I was going to put them but what the heck they were gorgeous.  Guess that is the moment of building my own rock garden in my yard came to life.  I never had a rock garden before like I said so I asked some of the other Master Gardeners who have one a lot of questions.  I started out small but I am proud of my little rock garden. Here I thought I was done with my projects for the summer.  Check out Sunscapes website to order some of their plants http://www.sunscapes.net/index.htm

After our tour and our buying spree was over we were very fortunate that the owner took us over to his house in Pueblo and showed us his rock gardens.  I was totally blown away with the wide variety of plants and the size of his gardens.  He had plants stuffed everywhere and in anything he could find.  So if you are looking for a new project for the upcoming gardening year, think about a rock garden.  Check out the web for ideas or find you a good book life.

Here are some picutres of the rock garden in Pueblo Co.



Rock garden plants in troughs